Alastrina Byrne is no ordinary 17-year-old girl. She was brutally killed almost three hundred years ago in Ireland … but did not die. Ever since Ally has been on the run, fearful of what she is and what she might become. Her name is Celtic for “Defender of Humanity” a fate she’s never understood. But now hiding out in Belfast, Maine she’s about to find out why … because everything she once knew, is about to change.

Connor Winfield is an 18-year-old with a destiny, or so he’s been told. But when he moves from London to Belfast and meets Ally he starts to question everything he once believed in. As their relationship grows so does the danger around them, because unbeknownst to Ally, Connor has a secret. A secret that could get her killed … this time for good.

Tegan is a powerful “Sidhe” guide – an immortal being who does not live in this world, but resides in the Immortal Realm. Teagan rescued Alastrina on the streets of Versailles in 1757 and ever since has been looking out for her. But Teagan fears Alastrina is different from other immortals … which in this world, can be a very dangerous thing.

Bill Barnes is a peculiar gentleman with a peculiar face. He befriends Ally in Belfast but is too quick to ask too many questions. Often going in and out of town, Bill shows up in the most random of places. Ally enjoys his company, viewing him as an old soul … but what Bill really is, she never could have guessed.

Scarlett is a lover of all things immortal, especially herself. Known as a temptress with firey red hair, crystal blue eyes and forever twenty-one … Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with.  Scarlett meets Ally in the New World and introduces her to the power and riches that come with being Imati … from fancy balls to love affairs. But as Ally soon discovers taking what you want, when you want it leads to grave consequences indeed.

Delilah has been blessed with the “third eye”, her ticket into the ancient and powerful Order of Ajna. With an ability to see the future, Delilah believes Ally has a destiny greater than herself. So when she receives a vision urging Ally to move to small town in Maine, Ally has no choice but to say yes. Or does she?

Quinn is Connor’s father … or so he says. But Ally’s not sure. All she knows is Connor is different around him, agitated, and fearful. Their history is checkered at best and when Ally starts to get answers, she realizes it’s to questions she never thought to ask.

Millie Alden is Ally’s first friend in Belfast. While at first Ally questions Millie’s intentions she soon learns that being seventeen again might not be so bad. The only problem is how can she tell Millie the truth about who she really is, especially when it could get her killed?

Whose Side Are You On?

Who are the Seekers? A secret society with roots in every corner of the earth. Boys with Seeker blood are brought to the Academy of the Brotherhood at a young age to train as assassins … but some Seekers are no longer fighting on the side of good.

Who are the Imati? An ancient, immortal race separate from humans, Imati can only be born in death. Imati are Stronger, faster and more powerful than humans. They can take what they want, when they want it … but at what cost?

Who are Souljumpers? Treading the line between good and evil, Saturos (as they were once called) are the greatest assassins in the world. They “jump” from vessel to vessel with no regard for life of any kind. They are called upon to finish the jobs Seekers cannot.

What is the Order of Ajna? A mystic order of seers. Members of the Order of Ajna receive visions of the future, but know it’s always changing. Their job is to act as messengers, but the Order is tired of playing second fiddle and now, some of them want more.

What is the The Eternal Council? Made of the most powerful Sidhe, they reside in the Immortal Realm. The Eternal Council creates the rules Imati must abide by, but are adamant … they will never get involved in the affairs of mortals. Or so they say.

What is Blue Magic? Blue magic defies the laws of the mortal realm. Utilized by only the mot powerful Sorceresses Blue magic creates a loophole … not quite black, but not quite white. It’s a skill very few can master and even fewer can control.